Introducing FLOCKZINE

I'm not walking anymore.

I’m not walking anymore.

Hello. Welcome to FLOCKZINE, a collaboration between Rada Lewis and Lizzy Burt. It exists at the moment as a blog, and we’ll be publishing a quarterly magazine, with the changing seasons.

FLOCKZINE is born out of a desire to explore and consider childhood and adulthood. It’s for adults and children – mainly aimed at adults but hoping that children might like it too. We’ll unpick and meditate on expressions of culture both mainstream and marginalised. We’ll feature and make art, writing, design, photography… it’s an endless list of disciplines.

We want to map out, challenge, debate, and understand. There’s an exciting element of the unknown about FLOCKZINE. Being designers, we want to create new territories as well as explore known ones. The themes we know already – which we’ll explain in greater detail in subsequent blogposts – are:

  • Gender
  • Futurology
  • The switch from innocence to maturity
  • Play
  • Learning // Unlearning
  • Continuity of the self

So that’s it, here we go. The seed is sown and we’re excited to watch it grow.