QuattrOcchi by Dossofiorito

quattro occhi

Dossofiorito design collaboration was started in Verona in the autumn of 2012 by Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo. This year they released a new project in collaboration with design curators UovoKids. QuattrOcchi is a periscope for a child and an adult. With QuattrOcchi they can look at the same scene, at the world from each other’s point of view. The adult will look through the eyes of the child he was; the child will look through the eyes of the adult she is going to be. Does our perspective on the world depend on the height from which we look at it?

In italian “quattrocchi” is a joking term referring to a person with glasses and by extension to a geek. Naming their project like this, Dossofiorito play on this double entendre. It confers a stronger sense of a whole: the four eyes belong to one entity and not to two entities coming together.

We, at Flockzine, think very much about the switch from childhood to adulthood. The tool these two designers have invented materializes literally the child and adult perspectives of the world we would like to investigate.