Grown up adventure playground

Robert-Morris-Robert-Morr-001 robert-morris-robert-morr-0031 Robert-Morris-Robert-Morr-004 Robert-Morris-Robert-Morr-002

In 2009, Tate Modern opened an installation called Bodyspacemotionthings, a replication of Robert Morris’ 1971 work Neo Classic, at which these photos were taken. The 1971 exhibition stayed open for just four days and was exuberantly embraced by members of the public. About the work, Morris said this:

“Personally, I’d rather break my arm by falling off a platform than spend an hour in detached contemplation of a Matisse. We’ve become blind from so much seeing. Time to press up against things, squeeze around, crawl over – not so much out of a childish naivety to return to the playground, but more to acknowledge that the world begins to exist at the limits of our skin and what goes on at that interface between the physical self and external conditions doesn’t detach us like a detached glance.”

Play combats detachment. Play engages us with the world around us.