A 9 year old London girl visits the Southbank Centre

Our 9 year old contributor, Sofia Lewis, visited the Imagine Children´s Festival at the Southbank Centre with her mother in its last day.

She wrote a few words on it and took some photos:

“It was interesting, however all of the things were for the younger kids (2 –8) so yeah.

*Saying that, I loved taking some photos of very gorgeous and expensive dolls.

The food in one of the cafes was shoo! Yammer!


7 out of 10 for older children (9-13)

9 out of 10 for a family (all ages)

9.8 out of 10 average rating


*The gathering of the Ball Jointed dolls collectors was not part of the Imagine Festival but rather an informal event by a collector´s club.


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