We sent a questionnaire about childhood and adulthood to some people. We just received our first response, by Thomas Kern, a Swiss photographer.

Below is a transcript and a scan of it:


1. Where are you living?

Then, in 1982: Rupperswil, Switzerland

Now, in 2013: Moriken, Switzerland

2. What do you consider most beautiful?

Then: Being in a band and playing music!

Now: Looking at the sunrise, then swimming in the sea.

3. What do you think most ugly?

Then: Conservative, grey, intolerant, powerful people.

Now: Most interiors of chain fast food restaurants.

4. What is the best sound, piece of music?

Then: “Ghost town” – The Specials

Now: So many, some early songs by The Undertones.

5. How do you play? What is your pastime?

Then: Play – I like to believe everything is play.

Now: I bike. I don´t play enough, sad!!

6. What does your diet mostly consist of?

Then: Pasta, pesto… ?

Now: Pasta / Bread

7. What are you dreaming of?

Then: To stay free, be independent, be self-determined, sharp.

Now: An old friend of mine is giving me a haircut. Why?? (An actual dream!)

Thomas Kern thomas kern letter 1