We just received a new response to our questionnaire. It is by Yuly Rodriguez, founder of By ZebraBooks and The Kiosk.

Below is a transcript and a scan of it:


1. Where are you living?

Then, in 1980: Coro, Venezuela.

Now, in 2013: Marburg, Germany.

2. What do you consider most beautiful?

Then: My mother´s silk dresses, her make up and her perfumes.

Now: A house decorated like a home.

3. What do you think most ugly?

Then: Adults talking bad about others. Adults and children without fantasy.

Now: People talking badly about others. People who complain and don´t change anything.

4. What is the best sound, piece of music?

Then: “Baila con el Hulahoop” by Enrique y Ana.

Now: Blue Bicycle by Hauschka.

5. How do you play? What is your pastime?

Then: I used to play I have an art gallery.

Now: Doing things I am sure I need to do without being sure why.

6. What does your diet mostly consist of?

Then: Sandwich, mango and rice.

Now: Bread, fruit, vegetables, cakes.

7. What are you dreaming of?

Then: Living like in my play.

Now: Find my way.

Optional note:

Thank you for the experience. To see the past as a flashback and the present with perspective has been a great test of feelings. And the best question remaining is: How do I want to feel?

Yuly R

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