We just received a new response to our questionnaire. It is by Lauren Rolwing, an illustrator from the USA, represented by

Below is a transcript and a scan of it:


1. Where are you living?

Then, in 1980´s: Knoxville, Tennessee.

Now, in 2013: Nashville, Tennessee.

2. What do you consider most beautiful?

Then: A snow storm.

Now: A snow storm.

3. What do you think most ugly?

Then: Daddy-long-leg spiders.

Now: People with two faces.

4. What is the best sound, piece of music?

Then: The theme song from “Peewee´s Playhouse”.

Now: The coffee percolator.

5. How do you play? What is your pastime?

Then: Reading Roald Dahl.

Now: Watching Jacques Tati.

6. What does your diet mostly consist of?

Then: Pixie sticks candy.

Now: Fruits & vegetables.

7. What are you dreaming of?

Then: Sometimes nightmares of snakes!

Now: Future illustrations.

Optional note:

Thank you. Your questionnaire brought back good memories & one memory of spiders!

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