Emma & Fabian by Emma part 2: The Day Fabian Was Sick

Here is a continuation to Emma & Fabian, by Emma in Barcelona:

Fabian was really sick this week, and the poor fella lacked his usual fabulous energy. It was awesome!

Also, him being so ill was the absolute only reason he was allowed to get away with the remark, “I hate Jennifer Lopez. She is trying to be like a new Beyoncé.” Man, that kid is a jive-ass turkey.

I sat at the foot of his bed, propped his feet up on my lap and quite unfairly made him make a Venn Diagram about the two of us. Enjoy it.


emma and fabian


Two other quotes worth mentioning from Wednesday are “Sophia Grace has a lot of chins,” and “Did you watch Eurovision?” “NO.” “Well, the mowan won.” “What´s a mowan?” “A man–woman.” “They´re called transgenders.” “Whatever.”

Eurovision 2014