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Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party in the UK, as a child

The switch from innocence to maturity: BBC documentary “Up New Generation”

21 Up New Generation is a documentary series by the BBC. They follow a group of children at seven-year intervals, beginning in year 2000, when they were seven, and revisiting them as they grow up into… Continue reading


Here is the continuation to “Anarchy explained to children” I, a 1931 brochure by José Antonio Emmanuel, a Spanish teacher and anarchist. Emmanuel was responsible for establishing the International Anarchist Library in Barcelona in the… Continue reading

Kids Doing Adult Stuff

Kids Doing Adult Stuff is a video produced by Nuestro Mexico del Futuro in the context of the Mexican presidential elections in 2012. At the end of the video the children ask the… Continue reading

Themes: Futurology

Our actions now shape the world around us. The world around us shapes us as children. The children of now become the adults of the future. What might that future look like? Humanity’s… Continue reading