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Themes: Learning // Unlearning

Learning is about receiving, accepting, understanding the world through the prism of our education. Unlearning is about rejecting, subverting, understanding the world through the prism of our own experience. In school, we didn’t… Continue reading

Themes: Play

Play is really important. It’s serious. Vital. Educational psychologists will monitor and analyse a child’s play. Grown-up psychologists will ask you what you do ‘for fun’ (read: how do you play?). In the… Continue reading

Storytelling / Child perspectives

A gallery of writings by a 9 year old London girl.

Mother Dog: the pet perspective…

Here is Mother Dog, the beginning of graphic stories about human and pet relationships…

Themes: Futurology

Our actions now shape the world around us. The world around us shapes us as children. The children of now become the adults of the future. What might that future look like? Humanity’s… Continue reading

Politicians as children

Up there on their peaks of power, politicians are the epitome of adulthood. Powerful, decisive, important. We want to turn back time and present them as children, freshly hatched. Why are we doing… Continue reading

Themes: Gender

Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. Yeah? We don’t think so. We believe that every young boy or girl should be free to colour themselves in with the biggest set of… Continue reading

Introducing FLOCKZINE

Hello. Welcome to FLOCKZINE, a collaboration between Rada Lewis and Lizzy Burt. It exists at the moment as a blog, and we’ll be publishing a quarterly magazine, with the changing seasons. FLOCKZINE is… Continue reading