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The switch from innocence to maturity: BBC documentary “Up New Generation”

21 Up New Generation is a documentary series by the BBC. They follow a group of children at seven-year intervals, beginning in year 2000, when they were seven, and revisiting them as they grow up into… Continue reading

Is it possible for an adult and a child to be friends? // by Esther in Brussels

“When a child asks you something, answer him, for goodness sake. But don’t make a production of it. Children are children, but they can spot an evasion faster than adults, and evasion simply… Continue reading

Emma & Fabian by Emma part 2: The Day Fabian Was Sick

Here is a continuation to Emma & Fabian, by Emma in Barcelona: Fabian was really sick this week, and the poor fella lacked his usual fabulous energy. It was awesome! Also, him being… Continue reading


We just received a new response to our questionnaire. It is by Yuly Rodriguez, founder of By ZebraBooks and The Kiosk. Below is a transcript and a scan of it: Questions: 1. Where are you… Continue reading


Here is the continuation to “Anarchy explained to children” I, a 1931 brochure by José Antonio Emmanuel, a Spanish teacher and anarchist. Emmanuel was responsible for establishing the International Anarchist Library in Barcelona in the… Continue reading


We sent a questionnaire about childhood and adulthood to some people. We just received our first response, by Thomas Kern, a Swiss photographer. Below is a transcript and a scan of it: Questions:… Continue reading

LEARNING WITH MIRIAM: Peter and Jane series by Miriam Elia

Peter and Jane series by Miriam Elia:

Themes: Learning // Unlearning

Learning is about receiving, accepting, understanding the world through the prism of our education. Unlearning is about rejecting, subverting, understanding the world through the prism of our own experience. In school, we didn’t… Continue reading

Snake Father: the pet perspective

Here is Snake Father, a graphic story. It is a follow up to Mother Dog and Cat Child:

Emma & Fabian, by Emma

“F*** me, I’m famous.” That’s how 11 year-old Fabian usually greets me, and I usually answer, “No, thank you,” because I want my students to learn polite English. His real name isn’t Fabian,… Continue reading


Here is Cat Child, a graphic story. It is a follow up to Mother Dog. 

Storytelling / Child perspectives

A gallery of writings by a 9 year old London girl.

Mother Dog: the pet perspective…

Here is Mother Dog, the beginning of graphic stories about human and pet relationships…

GoldieBlox: FAKING the breaking of gender stereotypes

There is a new board game on the market. It is called GoldieBlox – a building set for girls aimed to inspire “future female engineers”. Game developer Debbie Sterling designed GoldieBlox to combine young girls’… Continue reading

QuattrOcchi by Dossofiorito

Dossofiorito design collaboration was started in Verona in the autumn of 2012 by Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo. This year they released a new project in collaboration with design curators UovoKids. QuattrOcchi is… Continue reading